1: Wine is poured into a glass.

2: Julia and Jackson sit across from each other. Julia is sitting back, looking sly and confident. Jackson is looking concerned, sitting straight up.
Julia: So, as you may have guessed, I remember everything. Turns out that video you tried to delete was backed up to my computer at home.

3: A close up of Julia, talking past her glass with half-shut eyes.
Julia: Quite a surreal experience, really – unlocking buried memories like that. Like scraping white paint off of a painting you’ve seen before.

4: Jackson, looking stern, says nothing.
Julia (off-screen): It would be the easiest thing in the world to upload that footage to the internet, send it to news sites, let it spread…

5: As they talk, with Julia leaning back cockily, we see Jackson’s gun under his jacket.
Julia: Most probably wouldn’t believe it, but it won’t be good news for you guys…
Jackson: All right, I get it. What sort of dumb blackmail do you want to attempt?
Julia: Oh, so curt…