1: Morgan and Rice are walking down the hall towards Armitage’s office at Cairo University. The hallway is reminiscent of the hallway Julia and Melissa discovered in Issue 1.

Caption: Cairo, 1921.
Morgan: Is it mass hysteria? A sort of spread delusion.
Rice: No one’s aware of the killings, though. Unless it’s being committed by law enforcement…

2: The silhouette of a bloodied wrist is shown, tugging at razor wire bindings.
(off-screen): H… hhh…

3: The two are further down the hall, at a door.
Rice: Maybe it’s some sort of fungus. Natives down south talk about mushrooms that infect the brains of insects…
Morgan: Nothing like that was found by the morticians.

4: Someone’s gut is split open, intestines poured out of slices through a dress shirt.
(off-screen): H… help…

5: The door opens into a heavily shaded room.

6: Rice and Morgan are mortified by the sight.