1: Back in 2037, Julia is looking interested, twirling her drink.
Julia: So, that’s why a mysterious government agent like you hangs around with a bunch of scientists? Because you had a childhood crush on a Martian?
Jackson: It wasn’t a crush,
and that ambassador was apparently a man,
and I actually can’t talk about what I’m doing here, specifically. It’s classified.
Julia: Classified? Sexy.

2: Julia gives him a sly, knowing smile.
Julia: What happened? Did a creepy alien get on the loose?

3: Jackson fails to hide his surprise.
Julia (off-screen): Oh, relax, it was a joke!
Geesh, who would have thought someone from the government would have such a poor sense of humor?

4: Julia slides a slip of paper across the table.
Julia: Well, I’ve got dumb intern shit to do… why don’t you text me some time, I can grill you about conspiracy theories.

5: Julia walks off, Jackson has the paper in hand.
Jackson: Uh… sure. Maybe.

6: Jackson freaks out as he looks at the paper.
Jackson: Hrk!

7: The paper says:
meet me behind the library tonight at 1900 and we’ll discuss that time you tried to wipe my memory <3