1: A memo, including the school’s logo, signed by Victor Morgan.

TO: Chancellor Irene Anat-Netana

CC: University Council

SUBJECT: Proposed delay to dorm construction and proposed investigation into architect Hanif Gershem.

The recent hospitalization of Rhoda Dornez should have hopefully put more weight into the fate of Professor Draak. As has previously been suggested, Draak’s actions are not the evidence of a sudden onset dementia and represent a serious threat to the faculty and general student body.

The evidence of ritual behavior found in the student’s dorm has very clear, traceable connotations with the Brotherhood of the Moth cult and Hanif Gershem’s ties to the group can no longer be ignored. It should be clear that the events that befell Draak and Rhoda are, in fact, purposeful terrorist attacks made by Gershem’s cult connections to protect and further obscure their means.

Therefore, I must call for an indefinite suspension of all planed construction based on Gershem’s blueprints. I am recommending a criminal investigation into the architect’s connection to the infamous cult before any building plans be considered.


Prof. Victor Morgan, Ph.D.