1: In sterile, white room of an asylum, Rhoda is slumped back on her bed, looking dazed. Surrounding her, the walls have be covered in scribbles and illustrations.

Caption: The poor girl has seen enough. She does not require the burden of Earthly concerns just yet.

2: In a similar room, and in a similar catatonic state, is the professor.

Caption: She deserves rest… As does her neighbor.

3: Wearing an odd smile, the narrator and interested buyer kneels by the bedside of one of the patients.

Caption: But I will be watching them both…

4: He stands: in his gloved hands is his face, removed like a mask.

5: The narrator walks away, his form is losing definition, as if wading through a choppy barrier. From his head extends blurry, crackling energy and thin, barbed tendrils in an impossible black.

6: The figure disappears, wading through the closed door.

Caption: …with keen interest.