1-2: The machine is seen on display as a schematic with descriptors pointing to it.
Caption: Earlier…
Xijo: The Shankar Amplifier is now complete and the first mobile prototype will be ready before the deadline. Preliminary experiments with the technology have been successful, and candidates are currently being chosen for pilot testing.

2: Xijo, standing behind a lectern, hesitates and fidgets with the tablet that holds his notes.

3: A wider shot of him on stage, speaking to a crowd of scientists with Njeri standing beside him. The crowd includes the flying fox Van Ly, the lion Merin Dogo, and the lemur Ravolontsimitovy as well as a fox, a turtle, a bat, a horse, two deer, a dodo, a cheetah, a tanuki, a kudu, an armadillo, and a wolf.
Xijo: The tests performed in these facilities have proven without a doubt a theory long held by some of our scientists on Mars:z
The elusive particle you call Shankar Radiation is only ever detected surrounding living, thinking creatures, with one important exception which I will explain later. The particles are emitted with predictable patterns and a marked intensity in the presence of someone under mental strain or duress.

4: Side view of Xijo speaking through his respirator.
Xijo: The machines I have developed are able to amplify these signals in a waveform pattern only when they originate from a
connected, thinking person.
I can, therefore, confidently state that what is known as Shankar Radiation is the energy and waveform of thought itself. I believe certain Earth cultures would call this proof of psychic energy: a tangible force created by the mind.