1: On Melissa’s chest is worn the now blackened crystal which holds the black dog. It’s being safely tucked in as the suit closes shut.
Presenter: The upper pockets on the right arm have been fitted with basic medical supplies; on the left side, you’ve got field survival tools: fire starter, water filter, that kind of thing.
You’ll be given booklets detailing everything that is included. I strongly advise you all study it as soon as possible.

2: Someone raises their hand, grinning stupidly, being elbowed gently by their friend.
Them: Will that be on the quiz?

3: The suited figures now file into an observation room with seating.
Presenter: The first test will now begin.

4: A machine is now displayed in the room that they observe. At it’s base, looks like an electric scooter; a small electric cart with a single seat. At its front is a tall, dark gray cylindrical turret lined with numerous chrome rivets.
Presenter: Yoshida, please enter the testing theater.