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1: Exterior shot of Rhoda’s home.
Rhoda’s Dad: I’m surprised she didn’t tell you two.

2: A plate of baklava rests on the table as turkish coffee is poured into a small cup out of a bronze ladle.
Mel: We haven’t heard from her at all since Julia got out of the hospital.

3: Melissa and Julia sit at a table across from a middle-aged pangolin woman. Behind her, her husband is sorting through a box of letters and paper work.
Rhoda’s Mom: She said she was going out on some sort of artist retreat, somewhere with no internet and almost no electricity.
Her letters are all we’ve had so far. No calls or IMs.

4: Several hand-written letters are somewhat rudely slapped down on the table.
Rhoda’s Dad: ‘ere they are…
I’ll want these back.

5: Julia is carefully thumbing through the pages.
Julia: Thanks, Mr. Dornez. We really appreciate it.
Rhoda’s Dad: Mhmm.

5: Rhoda’s Dad stands behind his wife, not taking a seat.
Rhoda’s Dad: If you get any more info out of her about where she is and what she’s doing, let us know.

9: Julia looks away as if ashamed.
Rhoda’s Dad: She always did talk to you more openly than us.