1: Broken mannequins keep their eyeless gazes averted, gathered in a corner.
Julia: This shit smells wicked toxic, how dead am I about to be?
Mel: It’s safe, I promise. Gross, but safe.

2: A close-up of the gem in the center of the ritual circle. White lines along the ground all lead to it.
Julia: No uh… magic words for this one? Incantations or anything?
Mel: Nope.

3: Sitting facing each other within the circle, the two drink from a matching pair of wooden bowls.

4: They shudder and struggle not to spit it all out.
Julia: Motherf-
Mel: Hhoohhgh wow.

5: A further shot of them sitting in the circle, waiting, surrounded by ruin.
Julia: Hope this shit works.
Mel: We’ll know soon.
Julia: The real Rhoda’s gonna be so jealous…