1: Melissa pets Julia’s ears.
Mel: I’m still sorry about… all that.
Julia: You don’t have to apologize. Also, you already apologized, like, a couple times.
You want to help and do good. I get it.

2: Melissa looks away.
Mel: It’s… not even that.
Do you remember when we first found the Black Idol? What it did to me?
Julia: Hard to forget, even with what Jackson did to me.

3: Melissa has stepped away from Julia and is seen peeking through the curtains at the moon.
Mel: If I had just…
And on the moon, if I had… And… then dad…

4: A view of the moon – a thin crescent in the starry sky.
Julia: Hon… you can’t possibly blame yourself for-
Mel: No, no. I don’t. I know better than that, but…
I have to do this. I have to know that I can do this, that I can help solve this.

5: Julia has stood and now holds Melissa tenderly from behind.
Julia: I know you can.
I know we can.
Just don’t forget that it’s us.
Melissa: I won’t.

5: They kiss.