Oh hey right so like – merry Christmas y’all. Thank you for still keeping up with my comic <3


1: Exterior view of a small and dirty looking motel out in a desert village.
Julia: So… what if it works?
Mel: Hm?

2: The interior of a small, run-down motel room. Julia is sitting on the bed; Melissa is fussing with things on a small desk.
Julia: The ritual. What if it’s all real and it all works and the Black Dog just… shows up. You tame her or capture her or whatever. What’s the plan then?
Mel: I don’t actually know.

3: Seen from outside, Melissa is lit from behind as she pulls curtains to cover the window.
Mel: If she can be reasoned with or talked to, I can try to persuade her into helping. If she just needs to be trapped or captured, I can… unleash her, I guess, on-
Julia: On… the moon?

4: Same shot from outside, Mel now just a vague silhouette through the curtain.
Mel: It’s not a perfect plan. I’m kinda hoping a solution reveals itself in time.
I’ve just got to do something. I’ve got to try.

5: Melissa stands in front of Julia. Julia holds Melissa’s hands.
Julia: One step at a time, then?
Mel: Basically. Hard to plan too far ahead here, we’re in unknown territory.
Julia: Well, good. Planning too far ahead had you staying up late in the basement reading books from the 1740s, which…

6: Julia kisses Mel’s hand.
Julia: Prime girlfriend behavior, I promise, but not super healthy.