1: Outside the hut, Julia has jumped outside and is doubled over, puking.

2: Melissa, fists clenched, storms past her, out of the hut and towards their car.

3: Rhoda steps out of the light of the open door, smiling, sunglasses returned to her face.
Rhoda: You two stop by any time.

4: Julia moves swiftly, grabbing Rhoda by robes and leaning in with bared teeth.

5: Julia’s snarling face.
Julia: If that wasn’t still her body, I fuckin’ swear, the things I would do to you…

5: Rhoda does not respond, she just grins in amusement.

6: Close-up of Julia, anger giving way to a more tearful expression.
Julia: Tell me where she is. Tell me when I’ll see her again, the real her!