1: Tea is served to the two girls in rustic, worn out mugs.
Julia: When will we get to see Rhoda? The real Rhoda.
Rhoda: She’ll be back some day. She has a lot of work to do. A lot of growing.
Julia: And… who are you? What are you?
Rhoda: Answering either of those wouldn’t really solve anything for you right now.

2: Rhoda’s hands are seen lowering her sunglasses off her face.
Rhoda: It took Rhoda a long time to find the answers, and when she did, well…

3: The girls recoil and look away.
Julia: Fuckin’…

4: Rhoda sits at the table smiling just a little too wide with her sunglasses removed; her eyes, like the hooded figure from before, are empty sockets of dried blood, blind and gouged out.
Rhoda: You can see how much good that did her.