Heeyy happy Friday the 13th 😀


1: Julia shoves her chair back as she sits up, palms on the table. The other two perk up in surprise.

2: Julia’s growls out her words.
Julia: Where’s Rhoda?

3: Rhoda’s expression is, though masked by the sunglasses, confused.
Rhoda: I’m… I don’t-
I’m right here?

4: A closer view of Julia’s unrelenting stare.
Julia: You are not Rhoda.

5: Rhoda watches her, quietly.

6: Julia keeps up her stare.

7: Rhoda breaks; she smiles, scratching her cheek nervously. As her head tilts slightly up, flowering vines are reflected in her sunglasses.
Rhoda: Ahah, hah- Goodness.
I should have known better than to try and fool you.