1: They are offered two bowls of strange soup filled with large grubs, mushrooms, spiders, and other unusual ingredients.

2: Mel and Julia give each other a look.

3: As Rhoda sets out water, they all speak.
Julia: Rhoda… what are you doing all the way out here? Who are those people?

4: Rhoda sits.
Rhoda: I’m doing important research.
You saw what I could do before. You were there, Julia, I helped you.
The rituals I am participating in, the secrets I am excavating…
I’ll be able to do so much more some day.

5: Melissa speaks. Julia, beside her, squints at Rhoda suspiciously.
Mel: You have to be all the way out here for that?
Rhoda: Yes.
Away from the city, away from the noise of life, from all those signals and all that electricity…

6: Julia begins to scowl at Rhoda as Mel continues to speak.
Mel: So… if you’ve made progress…
If you’re stronger now, or whatever…
Then we really need your help.