1: Kas stands outside their front door holding two pizza boxes. He’s looking around as he waits.

2: The door opens and he smiles into the house.
Julia: Shit, you brought us pizza?!
Kas: Uh huh!
Julia: And did you bring us forbidden rituals translated from an ancient tongue?
Kas: Y-
Julia: Get in here.

3: Displayed on the basement HQ table are translations and diagrams of the text of the scanned book. Scans of other books are shown and some physical books are placed upon the table which has reacted with digital pop-up of notes. Melissa’s hand is turning the pages of one of the books.
Kas: So this word here can mean three different things depending on the context, and we don’t have that context, so it’s a little tough.
A lot of this is written in like… metaphors or poetic language, so this would have been obtuse even for native speakers at the time.
But if you cross-referenced this part… with this over here…

4: Slumped over on the table is Julia, arm leaned out as she watches something on her phone. She looks worried and stressed.
Kas: I found references to some of these terms in other books from that era in different languages, but they’re all some sort of… religious texts, I guess. Occult stuff.
Mel: That’s not a surprise.
I just don’t…
These are supposed to be instructions but they don’t read like it.

5: Close-up of Julia, not looking up as she speaks.
Julia: Shit.
We really do need to get Rhoda involved, huh?