1: Okpara turns to face Agent Jackson.
Okpara: This facility was in a slow-burn panic long before you started riling people up about intruders and spies.
I know who is involved, but I am not about to go pointing fingers and making people more paranoid.
There are many reasons for leaks… but we are on a time limit.

2: Jackson’s incredulous expression.
Jackson: Ms. Okpara, that is a shockingly bad excuse.
If you know who they are, then we can catch them and remove them.
We could be working together.

3: Okpara has her arms crossed.
Okpara: How do I know you aren’t a Doppleganger, agent?
Jackson: Because you have no evidence to suggest as such.
Okpara: Don’t I?

4: A far view of their awkward stand off.
Okpara: A convenient survivor of an attack, returning alive and well to weave back into the deepest levels of this covert operation?
Sounds an awful lot like the Kastos Doppleganger.
Jackson: Baseless accusations don’t answer my questions regarding what you’ve done.
Okpara: No, but it does cast a light on why you’re here.
If you’re an impostor, then you’d very much want to stop me from silencing you.