1: Inside her dorm, they speak. Jackson stays near the closed door.

Okpara: Well? I assume you’re here to see if I’m some sort of alien impostor.

Jackson: I-

Okpara: Please don’t waste my time, I have a lot on my plate today and talking to the Pharaoh was a bit draining.

2: Jackson’s undeterred expression.

Jackson: I’m actually here to ask about some of your recent methods of information misdirection.

Okpara: A lot of that is classified, Agent Jackson.

Jackson: Not to the Special Investigations Unit.

3: Okpara has her back to Jackson as she makes good on her promise of coffee, manipulating a coffee maker.

Jackson: You’ve done well to stop a lot of internal leaks, but what I can’t explain is why you’ve deleted even the traces of the leaks.

You’ve essentially deleted a body of evidence that could point towards the culprits.

5: Okpara turns to face him, squinting.

Jackson: Are you protecting them?