Okay! Last page for a while. I need a break from comics, but the next issue IS pretty close to being written, so it shouldn’t be too long a wait!

1: “Zara”, clutching her metal suitcase close, skulks off to the side of the building. Behind her, the crowd looms.
Reporter: We can now, personally, confirm gunshots heard from within the temple!
The protest has turned violent, with guards deploying tear gas against the crowds as they attempt to force their way inside the temple.

2: Helicopter footage of the crowd shows them writhing in the darkness, pinpricks of phone lights and fires breaking up an otherwise seemingly seamless mass of life around the obelisk’s empty base.
Report: We don’t yet know who is responsible for escalating what started as a peaceful protest, but Vatican Private Security has already requested reinforcements from Rome law enforcement.
This marks the latest of several protests-turned-riots over the past several months, often occurring on full m–News control room: …Ah. Looks like we’ve lost connection with our reporter in the field. Please stay tuned for more coverage as the situation develops.