1: Tullus stalks towards them.
Tullus: You were right. I remembered.
The last full moon, as I prayed to Her, I looked up. I saw the… scar in Her.
That night, I dreamed of your face.

2: Lea has frozen in place.
Tullus: YOU did this!
I don’t know how, I don’t know what you did, but you did this to Her, to I’osha Herself.

3: A close-up as he cocks and readies his pistol.

4: Lea swears and hastily ducks past the corner, out of sight of Tullus. Zara is there behind the corner, ready – her gun drawn.

5: Tullus limps as fast as he can after her.
Tullus: Tell me what you did!
Tell me what happened to Her!