1: They walk past rows of scrolls.
Lea: How have you been, anyways?
Zara: It’s been rough to be away from you.
Lea: Yeah…
Zara: And rough to be away from work… There’s more research I wanted to do, but I had no access to any of it.

2: Zara leads the way. Lea speaks to her from behind.
Lea: Honey, you were supposed to be taking it easy.
Zara: I can’t! Not with what we’ve seen…
We have to fix this as quickly as we can, things are getting worse and keep getting worse.

3: Zara sighs, looking down.
Lea: But, you can’t help if you push yourself to the breaking point.
Zara: I know.
What about you?

4: Lea stops to look at the coffin a level below them, one hand once again leaning on the railing.
Lea: I’ve been recovering, I guess?
Honestly? It was nice to be away from… “Julia”.
Some time as someone else was good.