1: Side view of them. Melissa rubs her sleepy eyes.

Julia: You could have told me. I could be helping you. You don’t have to do this alone.

Mel: I’ve been giving you space. Giving you distance.

2: Julia is saddened.

Julia: I don’t need space.

Mel: You do, though.
You won’t even touch me.

3: Julia steps back, rubbing her bare hands nervously.

Julia: …I’m sorry.
Each time I try, I just… remember…
What I was. What I am.

4: Melissa listens as Julia speaks.

Julia: But I don’t need this much space.
I miss you.
And you, I don’t… want to make you this… cold….

5: Melissa gets to her feet.

Mel: I miss you too…
I missed you. I had to spend all that time without you,
wondering if you could come back, wondering where you were or what you were
And when you came back, you could barely touch me. I can’t hold you like I want so very, very badly to.

5: She rubs her arms, clearly cold.

Mel: But I get it. You can’t rush that.
I’m patient.
I can wait for you to really come home. I’ll be here for you.