1: As Julia now stands close, Melissa coils her tail around herself.

Mel: I just… wanted to get more work done, research…

Julia: “Research” again? Mel, what are you really doing down here?

2: Melissa shifts and turns to dangle legs off the side of the table.

Mel: What do you think I’ve been doing all this time?
There’s so much to figure out. There are solutions to all of… this.

3: Julia tilts a monitor to face her. It shows a cave painting of a black wolf standing on someone’s chest.

Julia: The… Black Dog…?

Mel: She fixed me, she got that shit out of me…

4: Melissa drags an old book onto her lap, thumbing through the pages.

Mel: I’ve seen her. I know she’s real, for a fact.
If I can find her, find a way to… communicate or summon her? She can… she…

5: Melissa yawns, blocking her mouth with a hand. Julia, seen over Mel’s shoulder, is concerned.

Julia: Honey…