1: The deer exits the bedroom and enters the hallway. The morning sun glares through the window down the hall and peeks through the door to the daughter’s bedroom.

2: The father stands in the doorway of the daughter and looks at the drawings on her wall, which are dark and scratchy now.

3: He takes one of the girl’s drawings off the wall. It’s a scribbly mass of thorned tentacles rendered in crayon.

4: The drawing seems to come alive, whipping about, a thin rope-like limb extending off the page to wrap around the stag’s wrist.

5: The dad jumps back, clutching at his arm as dark tentacles climb up and penetrate skin. On the wall behind him, other drawings stir to life.

6: He wakes up. It is still nighttime, and the dad has sat up with a start in bed, alone, clutching his arm in phantom pain.