1: Night is falling on a small, barren town deep within the Sahara desert. We see a small chapel. Its roof is adorned with a rusted metal two-pronged fork, one prong shorter than the other: the sign of the Farmer King. A modern cell phone tower is spotted in the distance.

2: Inside the back office of the church, an old pastor is brewing tea while his acolyte assistant sweeps the floors. The pastor is dripping honey into the tea cup.
Assistant: How’s he feeling?
Pastor: He seems… better. Still no memory, though.
Assistant: No memories, no papers… You sure do manage to find a certain type, don’t you?

3: A tea bag rests at the bottom of a cup of tea, its rim chipped.
Pastor: We do what we must.

4: Seen through a window, a long eared fox sits outside.

5: The fox he sips from a bowl of soup – the eye facing us, his right eye, is milky from blindness and his dark hair is swept to one side.