1: The two, sitting beside each other, keep their hands held tight.

Julia: There’s… a lot we have to figure out.

Melissa: I know. We can take it slow for now.

Julia: Not too slow.

2: Julia, looks to her side, sad but earnest.

Julia: …I love you, Mel.

I’ll try not to leave you like that again.

3: Melissa looks relieved.

Melissa: I love you too, Julia.

And you’d goddamn better not.

4: The two sit with their legs dangling off the wall. They lean close and kiss gently.

5: Further out, we see them sitting atop a massively tall wall of sandstone. This is the Great Wall of Egypt, a massive barrier keeping the country separated from the desert outside. A few determined taggers have gratified this sparsely populated part of the wall.