1: Melissa stands in a wide, sterile room. She’s facing the corner, holding her arms, in a black suit.

Melissa: Okay… okay okay…

2: She turns around. She’s dressed nice: a professional turtlenecked blouse. She’d adjusting her outfit. She looks very nervous. She has a different haircut than the last time we saw her, an asymmetric bob cut short at the back.

3: A sliding door opens to reveal Melissa: her eyes are wide in surprise as she looks forward.

4: She shows relief, slowly, and smiles, tearing up.

Melissa: …Hi.

5: Julia is there. She’s in a simple wheelchair, dressed in the hospital gown like before, but sterile and clean. She’s healthy and not mutated. Her hair is longer than ever, draped over her shoulder in a pony tail. We see Sedjet and Vidali watching at a desk, Sedjet also in a patient outfit. Julia doesn’t answer, but she smiles.