1: The dripping, toothy mandibles open as the goddess speaks.

Air’Asha: THEN



2: Julia reels back, hand clenched in a fist. She’s looking up at Air’Asha as the creature drips bloody spittle onto her.

3: She twists and slashes her claws at the air. The air itself seems to rip open: vibrant bloody flesh of the astral realm showing the dark tendrils and eyes and teeth beneath.

4: She grabs at something from within that gaping wound: Sedjet’s pale-furred hand stuck in the black mass.

5: Julia’s hand thrusts up, seeming to push and strain against invisible binds in the sky.

6: From the writhing mass of Black Idol flesh in the lab, Julia’s hand bursts forth, collapsing the mass into thin watery mess.