This was a fun page to draw on Christmas eve…


1: Melissa drops her keys into a dish. On the table are small piles of letters and cards in colorful, unopened envelopes.

2: Her room is dark as she walks through, passing the wilting potted plants, turning on the TV.

3: Silhouetted by her glowing screen, Melissa wheels her chair around as a news article plays. With the room a little brighter, the wilted plants look crumpled and dead, the bouquets decorated with messages like “Get Well Soon”.

New Article (from TV): This is an Apisnet Science and Technology Bulletin, brought to you by Floyd Automotive.

4: Melissa lowers down, hunched over the back of the chair and starting to cry as the light catches her tears.

New Article (from TV): Earlier this week, the Sudanese Particle Emissions Lab announced that their brand new, large scale spectral-shift analyzer was online. The hope was to study Shankar radiation, a poorly‑understood subatomic particle.

5: She slides down, to her knees now, clinging to the back of the chair.

New Article (from TV): Early reports suggest that this particle may be much more prevalent than previously thought. One scientist compared its frequency to the elusive neutrino and proposed that this energy may be present constantly, worldwide.

6: Melissa’s hands trace down the back of the chair as she quietly breaks down.

New Article (from TV): SPEL cautions that these are preliminary findings. Much more research, and peer review, will be needed before anything is officially announced.