1: Vidali backs up, holding out her hands.

Vidali: Sedj, you’re not about to talk too crazy at us are you?
Sedjet (off-panel): No, no… please, I’m clean, I’m free of it.

But listen…

2: Sedjet has his hands up, pleading with the two to listen.

Sedjet: There is something to this that we don’t have the science to understand. We could spend our entire lives breaking it down, taking readings, running experiments…

3: The group discuss together in the lounge.

Sedjet: But you can’t understand how an animal acts, its motivations, by studying its blood.

Vidali: Then what should we do?

That thing can fuck us up just by us looking at it.

Sedjet: Yes, but… I think there’s a way around that.

We need to talk to it.

4: Xijo squints, curiously.

Xijo: Reports indicate the creature cannot communicate.

5: Sedjet looks away.

Sedjet: I think Specimen 5 can.