Psh, look at those two, tweetin up a storm.


1: Daytime, Innitou General Hospital.

2: Melissa walks down a hallway in a hospital in a sweater and pants. Outside of one room is agent Avery and a male cardinal.

3: She enters the room with a knock.

??? (off-panel): Hmm?

Melissa: Hey… It’s me, Melissa?

??? (off-panel): Oh, yeah, yeah, come in. Shut the door please.

4: She sits near the bed. A curtain is blocking the speaker.

??? (off-panel): Agency resources are spread thin right now, we’ve suffered some heavy losses lately… They’ve sent Agent Everett over.

I know you don’t speak Avian, but he can mimic English just fine. Until I recover, or the director assigns someone else, it’s all we’ve got.

Melissa: I can deal with that.

5: We see that it is Agent Jackson in the hospital bed. He’s heavily bandaged, in much worse shape than Eric was: both his eyes are covered in medical gauze. He’s lifting himself on one arm to better sit up.

Jackson: We’re doing what we can to investigate what that thing was, the… impostor Kas. We don’t have a lot of leads.


I’ve worked with less, but I was a bit more able-bodied.