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1: Vidali leans forward on her hand, other hand idly playing with a half empty glass of soda.

Vidali: So what brings you to Earth, doctor? You’ve got daughters waiting for you, Mars doesn’t have a problem with these things does it?

2: Xijo looks serious and pensive.

Xijo: Negative. I am already on Earth. There are discrete technology trades to aid plans for the Oasis space station. This, ah, mission is very quiet.

Vidali: I didn’t know we had Martians on Earth for that…

Xijo: Few people know…

3: Xijo speaks, he’s starting to undo and open his respirator.

Xijo: A scientist was a good friend to me.

4: A flashback panel shows Xijo, smiling, talking to a cobra woman, Doctor Rati, who laughs uproariously.

5: Respirator off, we see Xijo’s entire face revealed as he rubs his jaw.

6: We see Vidali’s somber reaction. Xijo puts the respirator back on.

Xijo: This organism is owed understanding and control. I require an explanation of why it acts as it does.

[Untranslated martian]