Lemme just sneak in a bit of lore here…


1: The exterior view of a temple.

??? (from inside): The Doyen will be with you shortly.

Melissa (from inside): Thank you.

2: Melissa leans against a column. She’s tapping at her phone, but is looking up, distracted, wearing modest clothes which cover her arms and legs.

3: In a side room, we see a religious teacher with small children.

Teacher: And so, D’tev-Zaj… now which one’s he?

Children: Water…?

Water god…?

Teacher: Right! D’tev pleaded and begged saying: ‘Please, Al-Tav, I’osha’s child is a monster! He must be stopped! Lock him away!’

Because he didn’t know that it was Tazim-Ta’ash in disguise as Vi-Tucheck!

4: Melissa, relaxes against the back of a pew, something catches her eye.

Teacher (off-panel) So, Al-Tav trapped the real Vi-Tucheck deep underground. I’osha cried and cried, saying…

???: Melissa?

5: Doyen De Luca has arrived: an elderly lizard (Dalmatian algyroides) in the formal robes of the temple, he has a blind eye.

Melissa (off-panel): Hi! Doyen De Luca?

Sam: Hah, please. Sam is fine.