1: The booted foot of Julia’s suit steps into view.

Julia (narrating): I’m coming…

2: A guard kneels behind cover, gun at the ready.

3: Julia’s closed eye.

4: From behind glass, the scientist looks on in shock.

5: Her eye opens: stained in black, bulging with vein-like tentacles.

“Julia” <distorted>: h o m e

6: Julia walking out of the portal, backlit by sunlight. Some of her suit is bulging and strained with tentacles, shaped like snakes from within her skin. Her left arm clutches her right, which seems limp and misshapen. The right half of her head has fully transformed – a mass of teeth and eyes and tentacles, pressed against the hard plastic of her helmet. The other half, tiredly gazes out: eyes stained in black but otherwise still a black wolf girl, dyed hair a mess, panting mouth drooling.