1: Julia grabs at Lily’s slack leash, anchoring herself. Her left hand has Lily, her right raises the knife.

2: The predator is pulled forward, its long, thin, orange feelers are sprawled out against the ground and wall. Julia has swung down, jabbing her improvised weapon into the creature with a wet noise as she growls.

3: Julia expression is shocked as the orange feelers quickly wrap around her and latch to her.

4: Julia struggles to move backwards, feet dug into the ground as the floating creature tugs and pulls. Lily is mostly consumed at this point and Julia still clings to her, there is a dull crunch sound from within the creature.

5: Julia suddenly rushes in, pushing herself forward to fall upon the creature.

6: She bares her weight down on it, starting to press it to the ground. She swings her weapon down again and drives it into the creature. Julia’s face is snarling, teeth bared with fearful, angry growls.