Mmm… crunchy.


1: Julia and Lily are once more traveling along this ruined road, moving between a build up district full of rubble.

Julia (narrating): I keep watching the footage of the scientists using the portal… if I can just match whatever symbols were used to get the portal to point to Earth, I think that’s enough… Lily can help with the translations.

I haven’t even been here that long but I’m really, really feeling worn out already.

2: Julia perks up, looking to Lily.

Julia: Hey Lily, know what I would kill for right now?

Lily: <Inquisitive tone>

Julia: I’ve got the biggest seafood craving.

3: The ravenous looking Julia, almost drooling, mimics the eating process with her hands.

Julia: I barely ever eat it, but maybe some of that soft shelled crab stuff… deep fried, crunchy, just eating an entire fucking crab like an animal…

4: The pair continue to walk along, touching her stomach.

Julia: Of course, I’d eat dirt right now if I knew it wouldn’t kill me. All these weird, crunchy looking plants and I bet they’d just poison me.

…ugh… Lily, let’s–

5: Julia is wide-eyed, stopping in her tracks, ears perked, as something is heard shuffling and clicking behind her.