Yes, please Julia, keep touching things on the alien planet with your hands.


1: One of the two suns peek out from behind the small planetoid’s gas giant sister. A spindly alien creature crawls across one of a few jagged metal pipes that are attached to the building.

2: On the ground is Julia’s improv knife. She’s ripped up some of the fabric she used as a blanket and has given the knife a cloth handle.

Julia groans off-panel: Ughh…

3: Julia faces the morning-lit forest. Her hand is to her wrist as she records.

Julia: <digital click> Well, I feel like garbage, but I’m alive.

4: Lily floats away from its pod, which is dripping with a blue-white glowing fluid.

Julia (off-panel): Headache is worse. Stomach is killing me. I need to find clean water or I’m going to be in real trouble soon.

5: Julia approaches Lily’s pod. She wraps her knife around her left upper arm with a strip of cloth.

Julia: I feel disgusting underneath this thing. I want to get out of these gross clothes so badly. I wanna wash my face, fix my hair. Fuck…

<digital click>

6: Julia pokes gently at some of the dripped power fluid where it hits the crystallized mound.

Julia: <Comm speakers click> You all fed, Lily?

Lily (off-panel): <positive blip>

[untranslated robotic alien speech – informative tone.]

Julia: Good! I think.

7: The two leave the building. Julia holds on to Lily’s leash, Lily leads the way through colorful, crystalline flowers.

Julia: Let’s get moving…