Panel 1:

Dr. Njeri is looking up at the ceiling of sharply cut, geometric metal, vents and pipes exposed. A female snake scientists, Ashlesha Rati, checks her wrist computer.

Rait: I can’t make sense of these readings…

The gravity, the air pressure… are we on a ship?

Panel 2:

N’jeri walks down a hallway, thin slits of window let in a some light.

Raynott (in comm): Dr. Njeri, please stay with the group.

Panel 3:

The doctor peers through the thin window cautiously.

Raynott (in comm): Dr. Njeri!

Panel 4:

Through the window, we see him staring in disbelief.

Panel 5:

The slit of a window is far away: cut into an otherwise roughly cut, natural edge of a crater. The dust of the barren landscape is a pale, whiteish brown. Above the ridge of rock, the sky is black, dominating the sky is the glowing form of the Earth, half obscured by the cover of night.