Panel 1:

From the other side, the portal shows a fiery explosion: but only partially, as the dark black quickly slides into the fore as the portal shuts off.

Panel 2:

Through Julia’s eyes: she is on the ground, clutching at her chest in the thin, disappearing atmosphere. In the distance, people scramble and struggle through the damaged boxes and equipment. Everyone is starkly lit by the few battery powered lights that survived their trip. The portal only flickers slightly, almost totally shut off.

Julia (internal narration): Shit, shitshitshit.

Panel 3:

She scrambles to her feet, stumbling forward. Her hands fumble through an overturned box full of environmental suits. The edges of her vision darken slightly.

Julia (internal narration): The air, I have to-

Panel 4:

Her vision grows darker around the edges: she’s on the ground, struggling to get herself into the suit as the helmet expands.

Julia (internal narration): Come on. Come… on…


Panel 5:

Her gloved hands grip onto helmet as she fixes it onto the rubber seals on the suit. She gasps as there is the hissing of air. Lights beside her helmet activate.

Julia: Ah! <coughing interupts>



Panel 6:

Julia looks up, seeing a mouse scientist getting into a suit.

Julia: Mel? Melissa!

Panel 7:

Across the room, a suited Dr. Njeri helps Melissa into a helmet. The helmet is lighting up and Mel is gasping for air.