Panel 1:

Outside the portal room, Jackson is angrily tries to force the door open to the control room. Behind him, Eric is clung to the wall, looking to the portal room, horrified.

Panel 2:

Through the glass of the door, Kas is hunched over, skin stretched.

Panel 3:

He looks up. The face of “Kas” is grotesquely peeled back at the mouth, stretched open for a toothy, grinning alien mouth to peek out, dark blue fur surrounding it. Its elongated hand pulls away layers of shirt, fur, and flesh, to reveal alien organs beneath, around bony approximations of ribs. Its hand pulls something from the cavity, a fleshy extension with a large pearl-like orange center.

“Kas” gargles, distorted: Back to the source with you all.

Panel 4:

Brows raised in shock, Agent Jackson is half way through hastily grabbing his gun.

Panel 5:

Leaned back, arms outstretched, the monster’s body begins to explode from within: white hot streaks of light flashing out from its center, flesh and clothes peeling away.

Panel 6:

From the portal room, the fiery explosion erupts. Glass shatters and computers are blown to pieces.