Panel 1:

Outside of an abstract modern hotel with a very modular design with balconies, a black van is parked. The sun has mostly set now.

Panel 2:

Standing in a curved hotel room, Kas unlocks the door of a hotel room. He is accompanied by an SIU agent in a dark suit.

Agent: Call us if you need anything, Mr. Vigne.

Panel 3:

Kas leans against the door once it’s shut, sighing in relief. He pulls something out of his pocket.

Panel 4:

Walking away from the door, he has picked a remote control up off a nightstand and the room’s TV is clicking on, crumpled paper in his hand.

Panel 5:

The envelope, was sent to the BD from Kas himself. The envelope is open on a nightstand by the bed, and in Kas’s hand we see an SD card.

News Caster (off-panel): -to the recent talks with the EU.

Panel 6:

Coldly, he snaps the card to pieces in his hands.

News Caster (off-panel): Cyprus officials are now calling last week’s fire at Nicosia International University an arson case and have several suspects under investigation.

Panel 7:

The broken card and a letter, crumpled into a ball and stained very slightly with blood, is dumped into a small trash can.

News Caster (off-panel): Several buildings of the university were nearly burnt down, with the historical archives losing several decades of hard-copy archives…