Panel 1:

Now in the hallway that runs along the Black Dogs HQ: the entrance down the hall towards the secret basement is sealed off and completely inaccessible. Julia still has her printed sign.

Panel 2:

Inside the room, Kas stands before a table cluttered with papers, photographs, and letters. Pinned to the wall are photographs of the feral lizards from the underground next to drawings and alleged photographs of a few cryptids. Kas looks through their notes curiously.

Julia (off-panel): Alright, Kas, we’re good to go.

Panel 3:

Kas sits facing a camera with a microphone set up beside him, Julia and Melissa on the other side of the table.

Melissa: I think we should start from the beginning, from when you-

Julia: Tell us about the monster!

Kas: That actually is a good place to start!

Panel 4: Julia holds up a copy of a sketch of The Intruder.

Kas: The monster was very fast when it wanted to be, but often moved slowly, the only way I can think to describe it is stalking, like a spider. It made it very hard to predict.

It was incredibly strong, I saw it rip right through wood and plaster with just a claw. It could have cut me to ribbons, but it seemed to hold back? I think it was hunting me, it needed me alive to find the disks.

Panel 5:

Kas speaks openly as they record his testimony.

Kas: Honestly, it’s a miracle that I came out unharmed.