Panel 1

Kas is sorts through the box on his desk, he has a pocket Dictaphone on the table with a headphone cord up to his ears. His work station includes many books, including two from Cairo University professor Victor Morgan. He looks bored and indifferent, his desk mostly impersonal with a few toys that look like cryptids or video game monsters.

McCallun (from the headphones): Though many of the archaic cuneiforms were transcribed from regional pictographs, we see the use of cuneiform as a syllabic alphabet as early as 5000 years ago, used to name kings in Assur ruins. Of course, given that pictographs fell out of favor, new cuneiforms are difficult to derive their pictographic counterparts.

Oh, tape is almost out, to be continued.

Panel 2

Kas fiddles with another tape, absently, without really looking,

McCallun (from headphones): New project, off the record. Parekklisia dig site, 2021.

Panel 3

As the professor’s dictation continues Kas looks more interested.

McCallun (from headphones): Lead archaeologist Dr. Warwick requested dig materials from Limassol authorities to uncover tombs discovered below the Kurion-era acropolis. I remember dismissing his claims, at the time.

Speaking with Professor Mez’rani from Cairo, it seems some of his research material was floating around her department. The information she scanned over is… significant.

Panel 4

Sorting through paperwork, there are some unusual octagon diagrams and a series of pictures of a perfectly square room, seemingly untouched and part of a larger underground ruin. Archaeologists are at work among the ruins. Pictures show a slab removed and a box within.

McCallun (from headphones): I’ve made inquiries as to the location of the artifacts Dr. Warwick claimed to have unearthed. The symbols are unique: a find of this significance, well… we shouldn’t dismiss it out of hand. I’m only sorry I didn’t get involved sooner, poor chap.

Panel 5

Kas collects some of the papers into his bag and two of the books from his bookshelf.

McCallun (from headphones): I’m starting to feel like there’s more to this ‘hoax’ than was reported at the time. Architecturally, the technology is beyond anything that existed in the Kurion Era, but Limassol are still diverting requests, 16 years later, on safety grounds…

Panel 6

Kas speaking with Dr. Sabine, she seems a little curious but Kas is acting casual as he passes her with this interesting “hoax” discussion safe in his bag.

McCallun (in narration): What don’t they want us to see?

Kas: I’ve got most of this squared away, but these tapes are taking a little time. Mind if I finish up at home?

Dr. Sabine: I don’t see why not. You sure?

Kas: Yeah, they’re nothing important.