Panel 1

We see a large university campus on a sunny day, steps up to a large white building and square flat-topped buildings in the hills. This is NIU in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Caption: Nicosia International University, Cyprus, 2037.

Panel 2

Research assistant Kastos ‘Kas’ Vigne, an African Wildcat, with long hair, simple V-neck t-shirt and beige linen over-shirt, heads to a room labeled ‘Archives’ down a clinical looking hall as he checks his phone.

Panel 3

Kas greets the head of archives, Dr. Lera Sabine, a Maned Wolf in her late 30’s, hair up in a studious bun working at a desk surrounded by files of every type.

Kas: Morning, Lera!

Dr. Sabine: Morning, Kas.

Panel 4

Dr. Sabine taps on the box on her desk, pushing it towards Kas.

Dr. Sabine: Oh! Got a new box for you to go through. It’s from Anthropology, figured you’d be interested, Professor McCallun’s work notes.

Panel 5

Kas opens the document storage box, an envelope seen among frantic notes, some including Assyrian-looking symbols and lettering.

Kas: Yeah, I had him as an undergrad. What happened?

Panel 6

Envelope open, there are a series of Dictaphone tapes labeled by date.

Dr. Sabine (off-panel): He was sick, I know that. Sad, he was close to retiring.

Kas: Yeah…