1: Back in the present, Julia shuffles through the papers and notes she has brought, along with a flash drive.

Julia: This shit sure would be easier to get through if they just let me bring in a tablet or something.

Melissa (off-panel): Please try to relax. You’ve talked to tougher crowds than this, you’ve got this.

2: Melissa has a hand on Julia’s shoulder. Julia is looking up at her, smiling.

Julia: Yeah, yeah… I’ll be fine.

Hey… when we’re done with this, let’s try to forget about it all for a while, alright?

Let’s go somewhere nice: just us.

3: Melissa smiles trying to hide her nerves.

Melissa: Well, sure! We can do that.

4: Her hands adjust and straighten Julia’s tie.

Melissa (off-panel): For now, you go talk some facts into these scientists and, after, I’ll go over the numbers with Njeri…

Good excuse to get the handsome doctor to myself.

Julia: Miss Khainouda! Any more of that talk and I might just get jealous.

5: Melissa holds onto Julia’s tie, pulling her a few inches closer. Mel is blushing and looking sheepish. Julia looks mostly surprised.

Melissa: Well… maybe I want you jealous.

6: The small alarm clock hits 4:00 and chimes.