1: Lucian has set the box down on the desk, Melissa carefully removes a cardboard tube.

Lucian: These are the oldest floor plans we have for the library, but they’re only for renovations.

This place is old, there might not have even been official blueprints when it was first built.

2: Melissa extracts one of the old rolled diagrams.

Melissa: …how old?

Lucian (off-screen): No one’s really sure.

3: Melissa is curiously rolling open papers tenderly

Lucian (off-screen): Now, can I ask why you’d even want these?

4: Melissa unrolls an ancient looking paper, carefully laying it onto the desk.

Melissa: Well, um… I heard rumors about a secret group of investigators in the library…

Lucian: You mean that ‘Order of Black Dogs’ or whatever?

4: Melissa looks shocked.

Melissa: How’d you know?!

Lucian (off-screen): You guys have a sign right outside your room…