1: Ancient columns, some cracked and braced, punctuate rows of books on old shelves. This is a wide view of the old Cairo University Library, open again to the school’s population.

2: Melissa in a skirt and long-sleeved shirt stands by the counter near the library’s entrance. She is leaned on the counter with perked tail.

3: From the other side of the counter, near where the secret entrance to the Order of the Black Dogs headuarters, Melissa plays with a rolodex, spinning it.

4: She perks up and tries to look normal as someone speaks from off-screen.

???: Phew… Okay.

5: Carrying a box overflowing with poster tubes and papers, a blonde male otter arrives from the archives: Lucian, the library assistant.

Lucian: This should be all of everything…

Melissa (off-screen): Lucian, you didn’t have to carry all that by yourself.

Lucian: Oh, no, it’s fine. I’ve got it.