1: Melissa points up to one of the news screens.

Melissa: Are you into this sort of thing?

Julia (off screen): Yeah!

2: The two watch one of the screens which shows an info graphic about the moon. A notice board and posters advertisements for local amenities and student activities, such as a gym and laser chess.

Julia: This shit is important. We finally stopped wasting our money on fucking wars and are doing something worthwhile.

3: Part of the news cast is heard as Julia accesses her cellphone, a curved model with buttons to one side. Julia huffs derisively at the broadcast.

Broadcast (off-screen): Most of what the team brought back from the expedition are small samples of rock, dust, and ice…

Julia: Mmph.

Melissa: …hm?

Julia: It’s just funny how much they don’t tell you, that’s all.

Melissa: What do you mean?

4: Julia hands Melissa her phone, on it is a photo of unmarked boxes being transported from the shuttle by men in military green uniforms.

Julia: There are a bunch of photos people took of shit being brought in from the shuttle and kept secret. People think the found something really important up there.

Melissa: Do you believe this sort of stuff?

Julia: Do you believe everything the news tells you?

Melissa: Well…