1: From behind, Melissa watches a wide-screen TV mounted near the ceiling. It shows a shot of a landing spacecraft.

News Cast: The crew of the Imperial VII Returned to Earth this weekend, and with them came important cargo from their deep-crust drilling experiment. These findings will provide important insight to the history and composition of the moon.

2: Melissa watches with interest.

News Cast: ESRO has also reported great progress for the Automated Lunar Base and estimate that the first Lunar Colony may be operational within the next five years.

3: Melissa looks to her side to see that no one in view is looking at the screen, busy with their tablets and phones.

Melissa’s thoughts: Aw. Isn’t space cool anymore? Maybe I’m the only one who cares about this stuff.

4: In the other direction, we see a black wolf girl, Julia King, with pink highlights in her hair. She is also looking up at the screen as she eats, sitting alone.

Melissa’s thoughts: At least someone’s interested. Maybe I should say hello.

5: The wolf doesn’t look up as she approaches, she is in casual clothing and wears a black key-like pendant to her patron god Air’asha.

Melissa: Um, is this seat taken?

Julia: Knock yourself out.

6: Melissa sits down, smiling with nervous body language, the other student reclining casually and not making eye contact.

Julia: You just transferred here or something, right? You’re in my lit class.

Melissa: Yes. Melissa, hello. You’re Julia, right?

Julia: Yup.