1: A file of papers is open on the table, showing information about Salvino. His face is scene in a photograph, as is some of his electronic devices and drone footage of him ready to set off fireworks.
Jackson: The person you told us about, Salvino Chairez, is now in SIU custody after hacking into a secure site. The footage he sent you came from the radiation research center in Sudan.
Julia: Dang it, Sal… sorry to do this to you…
You all better be nice to him.
Jackson: We’re treating him well. Our biggest concern is if there are any lingering effects of him, having seen what he saw.
We can’t take
any chances with that, not with what’s going on.
Julia: Yeah. I get it.

2: The three are talking to each other at the table.
Jackson: Speaking of: that footage better be gone.
Julia: Yes yes, you told me to delete it, and I know why, it’s totally gone.

3: Melissa leans in to watch Julia.
Mel: He’s serious, Julia.
I know you love to make all sorts of back-ups of everything.

4: Julia looks grumpy, fingers tapping at the table.
Julia: I had to spend months looking at that shit in the mirror. I’m not looking at it again. The footage is gone.

5: A view from above. Julia listens but with arms crossed.
Jackson: Right… Next point of business…